Event: The Gluten Free Night Out


How many times have you gone out with friends only to have to ask a zillion questions about whats in the flavored liquors because there were no gluten free ciders available?

And how many times have you starved after a night of drinking while your friends all happily munched on pizza or snacks?

Gluten Free Night Out

Introducing, the Gluten Free Night Out — an event sponsored by the Gluten Free Guide to New Orleans that will occur monthly or bi-monthly, depending on interest and attendance levels.

Our first event is scheduled for this Saturday, March 16th at Broad Street Cider, from 7pm-9pm.   The cost is $30 plus a small EventBrite fee, and includes a flight of 4 delicious gluten free ciders, as well as some appetizers and sweet bites provided by Everyday Keto To Go.  We’ll have some other food vendors announced soon, so stay tuned for that.

Tickets are available here.

The wonderful thing about our co-host Broad Street Cider, is that it’s mostly gluten free with little chance of cross contamination. The owner is extremely well versed in gluten and it’s many forms, and makes his ciders in house.  The taps have only ever run cider, not beer, and the only beers available are in cans.  The staff even uses separate glasses for beer and cider, just in case the dishwasher fails to sterilize 100%.



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