Event: The Gluten Free King Cake Showdown

This year was a really fun Mardi Gras for those of us who are gluten intolerant or Celiac because there were so many delicious king cake options.

Just a few years ago, I can recall when there were no king cake options, and then slowly but surely, gluten free vendors came around to save the day, starting with the Girls Gone Vegan Traditional King Cake 3 years ago.

Several other bakers followed suit, including Waffles on Maple, and this year Creme Confectionery added some offerings.   Because king cakes (especially gluten free ones) can be extremely expensive,  I thought it might be a nice idea to have a tasting event for people to be able to try their favorites and then be able to buy a full-sized cake, without spending $35-60 on a cake they may not enjoy.

When I arranged the event, I thought we’d have three or four vendors and possibly four to six types of cakes, but we ended up with five vendors (out of seven in the city), and NINETEEN cake options to try!    I was blown away!

Here are some pictures of the event, as well as the list of winners and the list of ingredients.

Special Thanks to our Vendors,  Creme Confectionery, Girls Gone Vegan, Waffles on Maple, Caluda’s Ochsner Eat Fit, and Everyday Keto To Go.

Thanks also to our sponsors,  Nima SensorsLola Bees Bakery, and Color Street, and a HUGE thanks to Catalino’s Restaurant for hosting.  The restaurant is 100% naturally gluten free and delicious so you should check them out.

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And here is the list of winners:

Best Gluten Free Traditional:
Tie, Creme Confectionery & Waffles on Maple Royal

Best Gluten Free / Dairy Free:
Girls Gone Vegan Traditional Cinnamon

Best Gluten Free / Eat Fit:
Caluda’s Eat Fit

Best Gluten Free or Gluten Free/Dairy Free Filled and Flavored:
Girls Gone Vegan Blueberry Lavender

Best Non-Traditional
Creme Confectionery King Cake Cheesecake

Best In Show:
Creme Confectionery King Cake Cheesecake

Our apologies to Girls Gone Vegan for their donuts were left off the ballot, but were well enjoyed by all!

Congratulations to our winners!  All of our vendors were fabulous!

Raffle Winners:

Color Street Nail Polish Strips — Abby Bakay

Lola Bee’s Jerky & Prize Pack — Peter Ostling

$50 Nima Gift Certificate — Megan Summey

If you’re a raffle winner, please contact the page (The Gluten Free Guide to New Orleans), @glutenfreeneworleans to claim your prize! You can also find us here. Please like/follow us if you haven’t already. We do giveaways often, and are always sharing the latest and greatest gluten free items in the Greater New Orleans area.

Additionally, everyone is a winner, because everyone who attended will receive a $15 gift certificate from NIMA. If you aren’t familiar with Nima, it’s a company that creates pocket sized gluten and peanut testers to help people test foods on the go. It’s literally, a life saver.

To claim your free gift use, the code GFNEWORLEANS15 at checkout, at www.nimasensor.com. It’s good for $15 off the Nima Gluten Starter Ki (or Peanut Starter Kit).

To living a fabulous gluten free life,




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