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  • This is a sponsored post — I was sent items by this vendor to write this review, but the opinions are truthful ones!


Hey y’all!

Long time no write.   We have a good reason for a new blog today, because, I want to introduce you to a new vendor:  NULA Foods.

NULA Foods, named for the portmanteau “Nutrition Louisiana”, aims to show this town that there’s more to life than refined sugars and gluten.  (And the logo is really cute too with those ceramic street letter tiles!) Made for those looking for a paleo, gluten free, or just plain healthier lifestyle, there’s a variety of baked goods as well as some lunches and dinners, which I’m super excited about.

The current menu, pictured here, includes the following:

IMG_1698There are banana bread loaves, banana bread cupcakes, topped with real pieces of fruit,  chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies,  edible chocolate chip and sugar cookie dough,  coconut butter fudge, and almond bars.  There’s even a honey drizzle, and a granola mix with a special drizzle.


These foods were delicious, visually appealing, and didn’t have any weird aftertastes that could be associated with paleo-friendly products.

I loved how fresh and natural they tasted, and I could taste the himalayan salt, local honey, organic syrup, and all of the good, (I’m assuming responsibly sourced) ingredients.

I will say, if you’ve got a REALLY sweet tooth you may find that these products aren’t for you–   they don’t have refined sugar so if you’re used to eating really really sweet things you may find them on the bitter side.  But they are very natural tasting, sweet in their own right, and delicious.  And switching to products with less refined sugar may take a little bit, but is ultimately a good thing!

Delicious goodies from NULA

I will also say that I took the pictures a full day after receiving these products and after about an hour of being in hot conditions, so I provided some of NULA’s photos in addition to my own.

nula graphic

But these were yummy and you should definitely check them out!!

I’m always a sucker for gluten free cookie dough!

I also really enjoyed the banana bread bites, because they make a perfect breakfast on the go or after gym snack, and there aren’t many gluten free breakfasts on the go available around here, either.

In addition to sweets, NULA also offers ready to serve meals that are for 1-4 people.   Past offerings have included Shrimp Creole,  Salmon Poke Bowls,  Chicken & Bok Choy.  I’m super excited to try these and report back to you,  we don’t have nearly enough ready-to-go quick lunch and dinner options in this area that are Gluten Free!  She also includes a full list of ingredients and nutrition facts with each meal, which you know is always a positive with me.

NULA is located in Metairie, and can be contacted via their FB page at:

Or on Instagram: @megmarchef


To living Gluten Free,


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