Review: Creme Confectionery / Apple Pie Doberge

** It is important to note that I received compensation of free product for doing this review, but my opinions are always 100% honest


I’ve been getting to try loads of samples since I started this blog, and while I always put a review up on social media, I haven’t been the greatest about getting them on the newer website, so that changes now!

Hopefully, by putting reviews of all products on the site you’ll be able to more quickly find the ones you’re looking for via the search bar function, as well as the categories / tags.  Let me know by dropping a comment below what you think & if this works better for you!

Anyway, I’ve kept no secrets about how much I love Nicole’s goodies at Creme Confectionery, and she’s done it again, this time with Apple Pie flavored Doberge. (pronounced “dough-bah-sh” for you non-NOLA natives.

Creme Confectionery Apple Doberge.JPEG

The Apple Pie Doberge has a moist, crumbly soft cake that’s reminiscent of those apple crumble donuts from Tastee Donuts.  You know which ones I’m talking about.   Thin layers of cake dough/crumble are alternated with thin layers of apple pie flavored pudding, with actual small slices of apples inside. If you’re not a person who loves finding little bits of things in your cake (like my anti-coconut people) you might not like this, but I love extra surprises and especially in a gluten free market where it seems as though every commercial gluten free baker’s solution is to just make everything one texture, it’s always wonderful to see (and eat, and feel) something a little different.

The cake has a super super super sweet icing on top.  This was a little too sweet for me, honestly, but the good news is that you can remove it to your taste level.  I thought it complemented the apple & cinnamon flavors really nicely!  She said it’s similar to the icing she puts on the petit fours (which I also, if you remember my review, thought was a little too sweet).  She’s currently beta-testing this cake with my reviews as well as the reviews of some other friends and food critics, so you can expect the recipe to be completely perfected sometime this week.

The BEST PART, in my opinion, is the little decoration on each slice — a beautifully cut star made out of Gluten Free Apple Pie Crust, baked, with some sugar sprinkled on it.   IT IS AMAZING.  I loved mixing my stars with my doberge slices / icing, but I honestly wish I had an entire bag just of Apple Pie Crust star cookies.  Nicole, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this! I’ll love you forever.

Here are the pictures of the personal slice I ate.  It’s important to note that I scarfed the entire slice down (She later informed me it was 2 serving slices),  in almost one sitting.  I saved a tiny little bit (half dollar sized) for a future after-dinner snack, and almost cried when it was done.  I licked the plate.



Please note this cake is NOT dairy free.  She can make doberge in a variety of flavors though, like Vanilla, Chocolate, and King Cake, and some CAN BE dairy free, so please ask her about that.  She loves experimenting, so feel free to ask her if you need something you haven’t seen before.

ALL of Creme Confectionery’s products are Gluten Free, and baked in a Celiac safe kitchen.


To living well in New Orleans,

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