Review: NULA Foods / Mexican Fiesta Meal Experience

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  • Disclaimer:  NULA Foods gifted this food to me for a review but the opinions are 100% my own!

So if you remember my last review of NULA Foods, you’ll notice that I mentioned how this relatively new nutritionally smart Louisiana meal company was doing some baked goods (seen in aforementioned review) that were tasty, but that I was really looking forward to trying their meals and prepared foods.  Well, that day has come!

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Here’s what I tried:

chicken salad NULAchicken salad nula 2salad nulasalad nula 2meat nulachicken nulaveg nulaoverall nula

Their “Fresh experience”(pictured above)  —  is $20 and serves 2 people.  It included 6oz of Medium Rare sliced skirt steak dusted with himalayan salt and pepper, OR 6oz of organic chicken breast rubbed with Mexican fiesta seasoning.  I tried steak, but read below for the second meal I tried that included both steak and chicken!

It’s served with “fajita vegetables” (assorted roasted bell peppers, assorted onions) on a bed of organic romaine lettuce topped with chervil micro-greens and drizzled chimichurri dressing.

Price: $20

Serving Size:  Says it served two, but if you eat tiny like I do, you could probably even get 3+ meals out of this.

Ingredients: Organic Romaine, skirt steak, organic chicken, Himalayan salt, cracked pepper, Mexican fiesta seasoning, smoked paprika, assorted bell peppers, assorted onions, Avocado oil, Parsley, chervil micro greens, Red wine vinegar, & organic olive oil.



nula meats and sidesnula meats and sides 2nula meats 2nula sides 1nula sides 2nula steaknula bacon

I also tried The Tex Mex Meal (pictured above) –   $25, serves 2,  includes 4.5 oz of Medium rare sliced skirt steak dusted with Himalayan Salt and pepper.  (She serves it medium rare so that it can be heated to the temperature that you desire).  Includes two sides.

nula my pic 5

Now, hold the phone y’all.  As if the meats weren’t amazing enough, these sides blew my mind, but more on that in a second.   The two sides are:

  1.  Roasted organic sweet potatoes with mixed onions, assorted bell peppers, organic parsley, green onions, and candied bacon with Madagascar vanilla infused maple syrup.

nula my pic 3


2.  Smothered pinto beans with uncured bacon fat and sautéed shallots, sprinkled with organic parsley, green onions, and candied bacon with Madagascar vanilla infused maple syrup.

nula my pic 4

Price: $25,  $30 if you add a serving of meat (see below)

Serving size:  Feeds 2+

Ingredients:  Avocado oil, Green bell peppers, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, orange bell peppers, Yellow onions, red onions, Organic pinto beans, red onion, bell pepper, organic celery, organic chicken stock, organic vegetable stock, Mexican fiesta seasoning, Chipotle,Chili powder, smoked paprika, uncured Bacon fat, Red pepper,Onion salt, Gerald Foret Tree You Right* , Himalayan salt, Organic chicken breast, skirt steak,
Bone broth, Organic Parsley, Shallots, green onions, Candied bacon, Black pepper, maple syrup Infused with Madagascar vanilla bean, & jalapeños.

If you need more protein in your life, there’s also an option where you can add $5 for 4.5 ounces more of either steak or chicken.  I’d have to imagine these would be great in a corn tortilla, on corn nachos, or even on top of another salad you make at home!   The chicken is organic and the food is carefully prepared, so I’d rather get meats from NULA than the grocery any day.

* Secret Spices?  Now, if you’re wondering what “Gerald Foret Tree You Right” is, I was too, and it’s a local gentleman who owns his own tree farm who makes his own proprietary spice blend. I know we’re not big fans of “secret” spices in the gluten free community, but NULA tells me the reason they use this (besides the fact that it’s delicious), is that it has no sugar, unlike a lot of other cajun seasonings.   I’m working on getting you the specific ingredients now, so if you’re sensitive to spice shoot me a message and we’ll get that information to you.

UPDATE:  NULA got me the ingredients for Tree You Right, and they are:  Salt, red pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, chili powder, silicon dioxide (Non-clumping agent)


My review:   This food blew me away, y’all!!  It had a little tiny spice to it, but I eat VERY VERY mild food and am very easily affected by even the tiniest bit of jalapeño,  (ask any of my friends) — it was easy to eat and was not spicy/hot in the slightest.    The salad/fresh experience was light, a good combination of textures, the meat was perfectly cooked, juicy, and tender.  I could taste each micro green, each little bit of Himalayan salt, and I again, am a simple eater, and don’t really enjoy spicy or “unusual” things  (I grew up again, eating very very mild food, as many kids with lots of food allergies often do) but I really enjoyed the chimichurri dressing as well.

It was simple, delicious, nutritious food, and I felt happier and brighter with every bite swallowed.  If that even makes sense.  This would be a perfect work lunch.  It does not weigh you down and it gave me a ton of energy!


As for the other meal,  I would eat it 2x a week if it’s available.  The meats were perfectly cooked, the chicken was perfectly seasoned, and those sides are some of the best that I’ve ever had.  You know I say this over and over again, but as gluten free folks we’re barely ever able to get sides that don’t contain flour, and when someone does go out of their way to cook for us in a commercial setting it can sometimes be pretty one note, because they’re then scared that we can’t have ANYTHING except for the one thing that we asked for, so it’s often just– “here’s an unseasoned piece of fish,” or   “here’s a bowl of potatoes”, or “here’s a side of plain bacon”.  This was not that at all.   I would have never in a million years thought to put bacon and sweet potatoes together, and I appreciated the bacon fat and candied bacon with pinto beans, and it just WORKED, y’all.  This is foodie level food. And did you hear me say BACON FAT?  And CANDIED BACON? With Madagascar Vanilla???    It’s really too good to be true, as far as I’m concerned.

To taste this food, I actually put a little of each thing onto one plate, which may or may not be the way you’re supposed to eat it, but it’s the way I did it, I was super super full afterwards, but not in a heavy way, and I still have enough left for at least 4-5 meals of a similar size.  So, it’s a really good value.

NULA stresses that it’s good for you, above all, and it doesn’t have to not taste good to be good for you.  This food is delicious, and it’s free of gluten, refined sugars, and dairy. If you’re looking for a quick option to feed your family, and you have a lot of allergies like wheat, gluten, and dairy, this might just be the miracle that your family has been waiting for to satisfy everyone at meal time.

While I don’t have any negatives about the food, the service, or the pricing, I will say that I have been finding the posting/packaging/pairing slightly confusing– I ended up just putting a little of everything onto a plate even after asking what was supposed to go with which meal. I know that some of you are confused as well, so my only suggestion for NULA foods would be to label each individual container with what’s what and how to use it/re-heat it/ serve it.  Nutrition facts as well as ingredients on each package would be a help too, because I know some of us get confused once everything is in the fridge.  I also would love a single serving size that you could grab and go, especially for stuff like the salad that doesn’t have to be reheated, or single re-heatable servings. But overall, I think this is going to change a lot of our lives for the better and I can’t wait to see what Meghan has in store for NULA foods and for all of us!

Just so you know also, she makes kombucha, and I tried the peach and blueberry flavors and loved them!!  And I’m not a kombucha person, y’all!  But, if you want some, you can inquire about purchasing.

You should also keep in mind that ingredients are sourced locally and the menu is creative and constantly changing, so there are new meals available every week!  Buy them and serve family style for a quick office lunch or family dinner, or get one of your own (like me) and nibble all week long!

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To order:  Visit NULA Foods on Facebook, or click this link:


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