Gluten Free Funnel Cakes!

Gluten Free Funnel Cakes

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I know I’ve been promising this for awhile, it’s just been crazy with Carnival, preparations for the 2nd Annual Gluten Free King Cake Showdown, etc.  But I promise, it will be totally worth it!

Everyone had a funnel cake but me…

Recently, we went to the Audubon Zoo Lights & the Lafreniere Park lights, and both places had delicious funnel cake. For everyone but me.  I was SO tempted to gluten myself but realized that it wouldn’t be worth it, so I decided that the best thing to do was to find a similar recipe for myself.  I figured it might not taste AS good, but a 75% accurate funnel cake + 0% chance of adverse side effects was a better payout than a 100% accurate funnel cake with +100% chance of adverse side effects.   I often calculate my risk vs. reward levels mathematically (even though I’m not the best at math), and you should, too.

I scoured the internet looking for recipes, and I found a few that I liked, finally settling on the one that a) was easiest and b) that had the best reviews.  Shoutout to the Soccer Mom Blog for the original idea.  I realized afterwards, when I had technical difficulties with the batter, that it wasn’t so easy and that other people had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM.  Don’t know if it was the type of flour she used or if she made an incorrect liquid to solid ratio, but needless to say I just figured it was best to write my own recipe.

So,  without further delays, here is the recipe:

Prep Time: 5 Minutes   Wait Time: 20 Minutes    Cook Time:  5 Minutes

Total Time: 30 Minutes

Ingredients Needed

We had enough dough to make 5 or 6 very generous funnel cakes.  We put them on a plate covered in paper towels to let them cool / the excess oil drain off, and then we put them onto a crawfish tray to sprinkle powdered sugar all over them!  I ate 80% of it the first night and the rest of it as a snack the next morning.



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