I’m Rebecca, and as of August 2019, I’ll have been gluten free in New Orleans for 7 straight years, which is not an easy feat.  I’ve lived in the Greater New Orleans area for my entire life except for one year in 2006 and you can probably guess why.   I was born in Metairie, but have lived in Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, and Chalmette, though I travel all over.

I was diagnosed after many trips to the ER, and I had a gamut of health issues including respiratory issues, heartburn, hair loss, rashes, numbness & tingling, joint swelling and arthritis, migraine headaches, tension headaches, and of course the usual gastrointestinal fun.

I’ll post more about my origin story (I see being gluten free as kind of like being a superhero) in another post.   I would have never been diagnosed had it not been for a helpful friend on the internet, and at that time no one I knew had ever heard of such a thing, so thanks to the internet– I studied and learned about what to do and not to do.

I’ve been many things in my life and have worked in many industries, including automotive, retail, and many years in the film industry.  A few years ago I walked away from the film industry to write full time, and I currently own a company that specializes in writing and social media (if you like, you’re welcome to visit my company here), so one day a few years ago I realized that I needed to pay it forward to others and educate the gluten free community (especially in New Orleans) on what I had done to navigate through what I thought were (at the time) unchartered waters.

I’m so happy you’re here, and I look forward to sharing more resources with you, reviewing a lot of restaurants and bakeries, and hosting more events.   I was really shocked when the King Cake Showdown sold out in 48 hours, and since then we’ve had other events, like the Gluten Free night out, and have sponsored some awards as well.

It is my goal to get a gluten free sign in every Gluten Free Guide approved restaurant and festival vendor by the year 2020.

Additionally, I’m almost finished a book, The Gluten Free Guide to New Orleans, which will be out as soon as I can take ten seconds to stop blogging.

Thanks so much for reading, please remember to follow me if you’ve found something useful here!  And if you’re interested in contributing, please contact me here.

to LIVING Gluten Free in New Orleans,


The Gluten Free Guide to New Orleans

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